The Tokyo Girls: A Look into the Mastermind Known as Keiko Conn and Her Unique Performance.

December 11, 2010. Casino Arizona.

It was a cold December evening inside a stylish Arizona Casino in the Valley of the Sun. A fundraising event for the Arizona Asian American Association presented by Lara’s media in collaboration with Touch of Creation Cultural Events. An unsuspecting audience started gathering inside the confinements of a very unique place known as the Arizona Room in the casino, never imagining that the explosive, creative typhoon known as Keiko Conn and her LRS Tokyo girls would be soon honoring the stage with a powerful performance, forever changing their lives by witnessing a powerful fusion of western and eastern influence, art, creativity, and ingenuity.

Having succesfully produced and directed a jam-packed performance at the Japanese Festival in Downtown Phoenix just the previous year, as well as a genre-breaking presentation at the Roka Akor restaurant in the heart of Scottsdale, Ms. Keiko Conn is no stranger to these performances.

I managed to secure the honor of getting involved in this performance. Never did I imagine the amount of work involved into bringing this presentation to the stage. Trying a hand at performing, I can tell you I’m barely beginning to understand the amount of dedication and perseverance needed to be part of a production such as this. I infiltrated myself into the creative system of a performing artisan with the hopes that I would be able to better explain and give a better account to you in this report of what it’s like to be a Tokyo Girl, but after several hours of late-night rehearsals and last minute adjustments, I still cannot explain fully and satisfactorily the full range of feelings, the passion, and dedication these individuals pour into their performances.

The one thing I can tell you I earned out of this experience, is a deep respect towards this artistic expression and the individuals involved in bringing it to life. It takes a lot of courage and discipline to withstand the hardships and dilemmas associated with this profession. It seems to be that sadly sometimes, ground-breaking art such as this might not be always understood or appreciated in the medium in which it moves. But yet Ms. Keiko and her team refuse to be deterred from their goal of ultimate artistic expression with their inspiring drive and resilient spirit. It is most appealing, and I’d like to invite you to witness it yourself in the near future. Ms Keiko is best explained as a woman ahead of her time, not unlike Leonardo Da Vinci or Pablo Picasso, who brings the incredible and impossible into the physical realm of the common and expected. A trend-setter, an exemplary artistic leader: Ms Keiko Conn continues to ignite powerful passions in people across America with the resilience of bamboo, the beauty of a Cherry blossom, and the dynamism of a devastating hurricane.

As I finish my report to you, I’m unable to help myself while recalling the exhilarating experience of the performance stage. I automatically stand up in respect with my arms cutting the air in front and to the sides,  mimicking the soft Japanese-style movements I had the honor to learn from Ms. Keiko herself for the performance, recounting the heart-pounding moment but for a second, and take my leave.

LD Bonilla, reporting from the Valley of the Sun for TCCE and Twisted Manga News Network, February 25th, 2011.