Taiyou Con Report: The JFashion Show

January 7th-9th, 2011

Taiyou Con 2011: The J-Fashion Show.

Join us, as we explore the many events that took place at this year’s Taiyou Convention. In this article, we have the J-fashion Show, which was organized by Ms. Song Ja Kent, from the Cake Shop Fashion design label.

Last January, our special correspondents had the opportunity to enjoy this runway event. Ms. Song Ja Kent was very kind. She extended an invitation for us to attend, and provided us with an amazing experience.

The designs were very creative. Heavily inspired by Japanese Manga, Anime, and J-pop culture, J-fashion is quickly becoming a “trend to watch” for this year 2011 and beyond. We had the opportunity to enjoy many colorful concepts, which included pieces such as bottom-laced, flared dresses and huge headband ribbons common in the Harajuku J-fashion movement from Japan.

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By LD Bonilla via Twisted Manga News. twistedmanga.com Part of TCCE/TM Network news, 2011.