EAST + WEST.Kimono de Blues

Saturday March 26th 2011.  Japanese Friendship Garden

Welcome to another TCCE production!

The EAST + WEST.  Kimono de Blues event happened on March 5th at the DOc’s place restaurant on 40 E. Camelback RD. in Phoenix Arizona.Watch the new Tokyo Girls video below followed by the event’s pictures at the bottom of the page:



The Tokyo girls, by Land of the Rising Sun Productions showcases East meets West, bringing artists textiles, music, dance, and culture all in one performance. A fusion of Glamour and cosplay a must see. TCCE mission is to bring society closer together through the art of the Tokyo Girls. The event ad Doc’s place featured our amazing enterprising artisans and designers. Together we pesent the collaboration between East meets West.

The event featured a collaboration of Jazz and Blues between Kanemi and Uvon with Bluzone, Mixed with an Asian taste.

The artisans involved included Kanemi, Uvon, Bluzone, Our TCCE Tokyo girls by Keiko Conn, Shannon Mocra, Vel-Moko Tomoko, Mori Kimiko, Takako W., Kazumi B., Encolor, Jewelry Local Talent, Emi Kawasaki, and the keyboard was provided by Piano Gallery.

Some of the performances by local Blues celebrity Kanemi included the songs: Became Mucho man, Lullaby of Birdland, One Note Samba, and Misty.” Uvon and Bluzon also played a beautiful opening song titled “House of Rising Sun” in honor of Ms. Keiko Conn, creator of the Tokyo Girls and President of Touch of Creation Cultural Events.

The performances by The Tokyo girls included the Fashionista Urban Tokyo, East Meets West Tenochtitlan Fukkou showcasing guest performances from Ballet Folklorico Ollin Yoliztli titled “A message from Mexico,” a Harajuku Cosplay performance, The Kimono revolution, and a beautiful signature Kimono Performance titled the “Glamour of the Kimono” featuring one of Ms. Conn’s students.