Day of Hope: An Evening to Remembrance

Saturday March 26th 2011.  Japanese Friendship Garden

The Touch of Creation Cultural Events and the Twisted Manga Team was honored to attend the Day of Hope: An Evening to Remembrance at the Phoenix Japanese Friendship Garden.

This event was held as one of the first large community disaster relief efforts to support our Japanese brothers and sisters and pay our respects to the many people that have passed away in Japan.

We arrived at 6pm for the Remembrance Service.  However the Phoenix Japanese Friendship Garden held an all-day Open House in support of the many organizations supporting Japan’s relief efforts.

During the Remembrance Service all attendees had the opportunity to donate to many relief agencies and fold origami paper cranes as a Japanese symbol of hope.  In addition, all attendees where able to write and leave their thoughts and prayers at the Garden’s Wish Trees.

We are honored to be able to share with you this coverage, which although brief due to our respect for our Japanese community, it is our only hope that we can all encourage one another to keep supporting Japan by praying, donating, organizing events like these, or by any other means available to each of us.

By Fokita via Twisted Manga News. Part of TCCE/TM Network news, 2011.